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Construction Compliance in Telecom 

Construction ComplianceWith years of experience in the telecommunication field, the team at TechServ is here to help ensure construction compliance with your needs, from design compliance to construction completion. We are the boots on the ground for your telecommunication or utility company.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading current systems or new construction for telecom, our team is here to help. We provide expert oversight services for telecommunications construction projects. We act as your on-site representative to ensure your project goes smoothly and meets your requirements.

Construction for the telecom utility industry requires a depth of knowledge and strong leadership to help mitigate risks and ensure quality. Our team at TechServ provides the oversight services you need for project success. We offer rapid mobilization for a wide range of projects, from overhead distribution and transmission fiber installation to underground installation, substation entry, and splicing. We are here to help manage and streamline the construction process for your organization.

Our team is your point of contact pre, during, and post-construction. We help manage contractors and subcontractors, ensure quality for deliverables, and protect your interests on the construction site. Our end-to-end Telecom construction oversight services offer you peace of mind.

Mistakes in telecom utility construction can be costly. We’re here to help reduce risks for your project. Our specialists work with everyone onsite to ensure there are no shortcuts, no quality issues, and that everything is according to your specs and contracts.

The primary duty of any inspector is to ensure safety; anyone on the job site can shut down a project for safety concerns. TechServ inspectors are dedicated to assure job site security. We start the day off with a JSA review and complete another JSA review any time there is a scope of work change. This usually takes place at the laydown yard where the construction crews pick up their needed materials for the day’s work. The second duty of inspectors is ensuring project quality. TechServ inspectors verify that projects are built to customer standards and that all associated paperwork and documentation needed are submitted promptly. We work in conjunction with the OSP engineers to address any field changes that arise. We also provide NERC CIP escort and material oversight.

Telecommunication Oversight Services Offered:

  • Project / Contractor Safety Compliance
  • Site Safety / Contractor Compliance
  • Management of Contractors / Subcontractors
  • Ensure Quality of Deliverables
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