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utility checkOur TechServ experts are here to provide experienced construction management services to ensure successful outcomes for all overhead and underground distribution construction projects. We offer support and act as your liaison on the field to help achieve desired results. With a high standard for attention to detail and years of field experience, you can trust our team to ensure quality control, safety, and reliability.

Each type of electric distribution offers different opportunities and challenges. Our experienced personnel are here to offer onsite support for your project. With overhead electric distribution, it is vital to ensure proper pole separation and installation, as well as correct clearance to avoid violations. In addition, improper overhead construction can cause major safety risks not only to construction crews but also to civilians in the area. Our team is here to help manage your project and provide the supervision and oversight needed for the best outcomes for your overhead and underground distribution line construction.

Distribution construction oversight services include:

Errors of any kind can spell disaster for your project. These errors can delay completion, increase costs, and even reduce reliability for the electric distribution system. We are here to help prevent technical errors by providing oversight, supervision, and coordination onsite for your project.

We offer turnkey oversight solutions for electric distribution construction. Whether you need road widening to accommodate distribution lines, maintenance to keep your lines operating efficiently, upgrades, or new installation, our specialists are here to help streamline the process for smooth, efficient construction.

For a representative you can depend on for your electric distribution line construction project, choose our team at TechServ. We offer decades of experience to add value and ensure your project meets your standards. Our experts provide support and service from beginning to end to secure high quality installations from your power distribution contractors. 

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Since 1992, we’ve been helping bridge the gap between the electric distribution company and construction contractors. We are here to protect your interests and ensure your project meets strict quality and safety standards while delivering on-time and on-budget completion.

Partnering with us means receiving superior oversight services that address your needs. We are here to help ensure you get the results and outcomes you require from your distribution line construction project. We not only offer construction management to ensure all contractors are on the same page but also provide full inspection and analysis to see to it that you receive deliverables that meet your expectations.

Contact us now for our comprehensive oversight services for electric distribution construction. We offer rapid deployment of our teams to help address your goals straight away.

TechServ can collect and analyze data from your distribution construction program to allow the customer to identify high-risk areas related to quality and conformity. With multiple contractors performing construction tasks all across your system, standards can get interpreted in many different ways. Analysis of this data will allow the utility to focus on training and communication for contractors to ensure a more uniform system. Let TechServ show you how we can help you standardize all of your installations.

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