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tree crushing power line and needing storm support services

Storm Support Services: EU Contingency Plans for Hurricane Season

With increasingly severe weather patterns emerging, it’s crucial for electric utilities to have robust contingency plans and storm support services to ensure resilience during severe ...
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power meter being assessed during EU system audits

EU System Audits: Ensuring Accurate Power Metering

EU system audits are critical to the steady flow of energy in our communities, something we often take for granted. While most of us pay ...
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overhead distribution lines for power and utilities

Overhead vs. Underground Distribution for New Utilities

When designing the layout for a new electric distribution system, providers must decide whether to use underground distribution or overhead distribution lines. There are advantages ...
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Overhead Distribution — Trees and Vegetation

Clearance Requirements in Overhead Utility Construction

Overhead utility lines are a vital part of our daily lives. They bring us electricity, connect our phones and internet, and keep our communities running ...
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fast fiber internet brought by RDOF

What is RDOF?

Bridging the digital divide is a critical goal in the United States, particularly for rural counties where broadband lags behind urban areas. The Rural Digital ...
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remote wind farm after EU construction oversight

EU Construction Oversight Challenges for Wind Farms

Wind power is quickly becoming one of the most preferred sources of renewable energy. This switch to renewable alternatives, however, brings with it certain challenges ...
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streetlights that are part of electric utility system audits

A Streetlight Inventory Supports Neighborhood Safety

Keeping public areas safe and secure is a key objective for any city government. With a changing population density, aging infrastructure, and new neighborhoods springing ...
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crashed electric pole requiring storm support services

Critical Post-Storm Support Services for Distribution Systems

As electric utility companies prepare to face severe weather events, from hurricanes to ice storms, it is important that they consider critical post-storm support services ...
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utility poles with many attachments in utility construction

The Importance of Make-Ready Design in Utility Construction

When it comes to utility construction and prepping utility poles for attachments, make-ready design plays a key role in ensuring that safety and efficiency are ...
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