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Joint Use Administration

Joint Use Administration

Joint use agreements can be a cost-effective solution for all parties, but only with the right management and administration. Burdens of pole ownership can become resource-intensive and difficult to control. Our team offers joint-use administration services to help you manage assets and pole leases. 

As industry leaders, we know the challenges you face with joint-use agreements. We are here to find practical and proactive solutions to those challenges! Our experts offer cost-effective and proficient administration services to make joint use simple and lucrative for pole owners.

linesSome services we offer as part of joint-use administration include:

  • Design and engineering for joint-use facilities
  • Negotiate license agreements
  • Manage permit requests
  • Pre-construction walkout and measurement
    • Pole inspections
    • Pole loading analysis
  • Develop make-ready requirements
  • Post-construction inspections
  • Set up NJUNS
    • Billing
    • Annual rental invoices
    • Attachment audit invoices
    • Permit invoices

Our joint use administration services help provide day-to-day management of joint use assets so you can focus your resources elsewhere. We provide expert service to ensure accurate billing, NECS compliance, and safety. With our detailed joint use records, we can help reduce risks for illegal attachments, pole overloading, and costly code violations. 

Why work with our team at TechServ for joint use management? We have an unparalleled track record for quick response, competitive pricing, and qualified personnel to assist with all your joint-use needs. We are here to streamline your joint-use administration for more efficient and effective operations.

Contact our team today to learn more about our joint-use administration services!

Managing Attachments on Joint Use Poles

Ensuring attachments are approved, compliant, and safe is crucial for pole owners. However, it can quickly turn into a full-time commitment. We have the resources to provide high-quality, custom solutions to simplify the process.

We offer comprehensive services to help manage joint-use attachments. Our experts review permit requests and administer them for you to take all the time and paperwork off your shoulders. We can also act as your representation to negotiate license agreements and help coordinate between attachers and pole owners.

Even after attachment installation, we continue to add value by ensuring attachments are compliant with agreements and code requirements and offering services to help with billing. Our experts also offer regular audit services to help assess loading, pole condition, clearance, annotation, and even identify non-compliant or illegal attachments. We are here to help save you time, money, and effort for joint-use agreements. 

Get peace of mind that our experts are managing joint-use activities. We tailor our services to your needs and utilize our years of experience and industry knowledge to offer all-encompassing solutions. 

Get in touch to learn how our joint-use administration services can help improve your processes today!

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