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Joint Use Administration

Joint Use Administration

As our nation’s economy demands easy access to the internet continues to grow, we have seen the volume of Joint Use applications grow exponentially over the last few years. As more telecommunication companies enter the market, power companies have faced an avalanche of new attachers seeking to gain market share within their electric systems. As the rate and volume at which these applications come in have increased, more companies have trusted TechServ to manage this workflow on their behalf.

Lasting Relationships with Electric Utilities


TechServ can negotiate Joint Use Pole Applications and will represent the client’s best interests during the negotiation of Joint Use Pole License agreements.

TechServ can review and manage the proper use of Joint Use permits by handling all communications with the company’s third-party attachers, during the lifecycle of the permit application. TechServ will review the permit application for completion and compliance with the standards set forth by the client and will be responsible for either approving or rejecting the application.

Upon approval of a Pole Attachment Application, TechServ will dispatch its field resources and perform field data collection for make-ready engineering including collecting all the pertinent field information needed to perform an NESC-compliant Make Ready Design. TechServ will perform this function in compliance with the timelines set forth by FCC.

The TechServ engineering group can perform a Pole Loading Analysis by the requirements and standards outlined in the NESC code, by the client and any other governing bodies. If requested, TechServ can also provide a professional engineer to review and stamp this analysis.

The TechServ design group can be integrated with the client’s system and fulfill the need of creating and administering construction staking sheets to convert our make-ready engineering designs into actionable information that will drive your supply chain and construction schedules.

TechServ’s goal is to ensure that every design is built on time and by the specifications outlined in the engineering package. Providing post-construction inspections after the attaching company has placed their facilities, by FCC guidelines, TechServ always dispatches its crews to perform post-inspections to verify the build quality and ensure that the system’s integrity is maintained.

TechServ personnel has extensive experience representing their clients on the National Joint Use Notification System (NJUNS Ticket Administration) and can help your company keep its 3rd party attachers accountable by creating and managing Make Ready tickets on the platform.

Where required, TechServ can develop and manage the creation and delivery of invoices to our client’s attachers.

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TechServ Engineering and Consulting has the resources to handle all your pole attachment permit management needs, no matter the volume of requests coming in. We help provide organization and guidance for attachment permitting management solutions. Reach out now to learn more about our custom permit administration services and how we can help you better manage attachment requests.
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