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Joint Use Design & Regulatory Agencies

line workersRegulatory agencies require fast response times, while required deadlines must be met with attachment applications and other utility and telecommunication initiatives.

TechServ’s audit, inspection, and design services are a partnership and can fill in for utility companies when necessary. Whether our services are needed because of a reduced workforce and increased workloads or demand to meet FCC-mandated timeframes, TechServ has the manpower and teams in place to fill the void.

TechServ’s project and technical experience offer immediate solutions for audits and surveys, engineering and design, and analysis, along with effective communication and reporting for:

TechServ Solutions: Diverse & Technical

Our diverse project and technical experience enable us to implement solutions designed to provide accurate surveys, analysis, utility design services, effective communications and reporting, and timely completion of your key initiatives including:

Joint Use Design Simplified:

  • Use GIS technologies to evaluate existing power networks
  • Provide an efficient mapping of proposed lines
  • Work directly with our clients to ensure the delivery of accurate information
  • Handle large- and small-scale projects with the same attention to detail
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