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EngineeringNo matter how large or small your project scope is, our experienced TechServ team is here to help you design systems for efficiency, reliability, and resilience. We offer end-to-end design and engineering services for electrical distribution and telecom systems.

From concept to construction, we offer expert design and engineering services for electrical distribution systems. Our team can help plan and design overhead and underground projects, including residential underground distribution systems.

Power distribution design services offered for overhead and underground systems include:

  • Field data collection
  • Cost estimation
  • Detailed design packages
  • Post-construction inspection/documentation

In addition, we also offer design and engineering services for telecom distribution. We offer our expertise for both aerial and underground telecom fiber installations as well as antenna installations to ensure compliance with regulations and utility requirements.

For telecom installations, we provide a wide range of services including:

  • Field assessment
  • Validate construction method
  • Validate pathways
  • Validate cable footages
  • CAD designs for permitting and pre-construction
  • Make-Ready coordination
  • Small cell design packages

Whether you’re looking at large-scale new distribution construction or require relocations, our team offers a dedication to excellence and attention to detail. We are your partner for building successful distribution systems. Our engineers go above and beyond to ensure your project meets your requirements and objectives and exceeds your expectations.

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