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Critical Post-Storm Support Services for Distribution Systems

crashed electric pole requiring storm support services
Organized, efficient storm support services can help get electric distribution systems back online after a major storm event.

As electric utility companies prepare to face severe weather events, from hurricanes to ice storms, it is important that they consider critical post-storm support services for their electric distribution systems.

While pre-storm planning is essential in order to ensure minimal disruption, having a plan ready for post-storm recovery is just as important. From assessing damage to replacing infrastructure components, there will be many issues demanding resources and attention. Restoring power quickly and safely is of the utmost importance.

Planning ahead now will enable you to minimize potential losses and protect your customers while keeping staff safe and productive during the recovery process. Today, we will highlight some of the critical post-storm support services to keep in mind when planning ahead. We can help provide these critical services across the U.S.—contact our team today to discuss service options.

Components for Organized Storm Damage Assessment

When it comes to the aftermath of a storm, one of the most pressing concerns is assessing the damage to electric distribution systems. A well-organized assessment team can minimize chaos while identifying a comprehensive list of damage sustained.

  • Staging Line Contractors: Skilled line contractors are critical for conducting post-storm damage assessments. They possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to safely evaluate the state of electrical systems and identify areas requiring repair.
  • Material Management: Effective material management ensures that all necessary equipment and supplies are readily available. This enables swift repairs, minimizes downtime, and expedites the restoration of power.
  • Provide Staging Site Coordination & Personnel: Coordination of staging sites and personnel aids in efficient damage assessment. The individuals assigned to these sites will help gather data on the damage, coordinate repair efforts, and communicate necessary information to all relevant parties.
  • Roster Validation: Regular roster validation ensures that all team members are accounted for, which is essential for maintaining safety protocols and ensuring adequate staffing levels to handle recovery operations.
  • Controlling Access Points: Controlling access points helps maintain safety, ensures only authorized personnel access hazardous areas, and allows for efficient movement of repair crews and equipment.
  • Traffic & Control: Effective traffic control is critical to maintain safe and efficient movement around the damaged areas. It ensures that emergency and repair vehicles have unimpeded access to perform their duties.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and thorough expertise, our storm support services can help utilities quickly identify the extent of the damage, develop a plan for repair, and get the lights back on as soon as possible. With the help of these services, communities can recover faster and more efficiently from the devastation of a major storm.

Physical Damage Assessment Before and After Repairs

When it comes to the safety and reliability of electrical distribution systems, physical damage can present hazardous threats that need to be addressed quickly. That’s why conducting a thorough assessment is crucial in determining the extent of damage before and after repairs are made. By doing so, you can uncover hidden issues or underlying risks that may lead to equipment failure, service interruptions, or accidents. Trusting the right experts, technology, and tools is key to completing an accurate assessment.

  • Drone Photography: Drones provide an efficient and safe method to assess storm damage from a bird’s eye view. They can cover vast areas quickly, capturing detailed images and videos of hard-to-access points in the distribution system. This technology can reveal damages that may be missed on the ground, such as broken transmission lines or pole damages. Post-repair, drones can also be used to inspect the repairs, ensuring that all components have been installed as stated.
  • Post Construction Inspection: After the repair work, it is crucial to perform a post-construction inspection. This includes checking the quality of repairs, ensuring that all safety standards have been met, and that the system is ready to function effectively. Specialized inspection tools and the expertise of seasoned professionals can be leveraged to scrutinize every detail, ensuring the long-term reliability and safety of the repaired infrastructure.

Experienced Post-Storm Support Services You Can Count On

Providing comprehensive storm support services for electric utilities across the U.S., TechServ has an experienced team backed by advanced technology. We are confident that our solutions can support your utility service in any weather crisis you may face.

With innovative approaches when it comes to providing prompt and professional service, let us know how we can help provide critical, well-organized support after a major weather event. Contact us today to learn more about our service offerings.

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