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A Streetlight Inventory Supports Neighborhood Safety

streetlights that are part of electric utility system audits
Providing an inventory of city streetlights as part of electric utility system audits helps ensure your neighborhoods have appropriate and safe lighting infrastructure.

Keeping public areas safe and secure is a key objective for any city government. With a changing population density, aging infrastructure, and new neighborhoods springing up, they must ensure all streets are adequately lit for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Electric utility system audits like a streetlight inventory can help city planners stay on top of the current condition of all streetlights. With a detailed list of every streetlight within a municipality’s jurisdiction, urban planners have an effective tool that supports and optimizes neighborhood safety.

TechServ provides efficient and accurate street light mapping and inventories. These can be seamlessly integrated with city planners’ current databases and GIS systems. Reach out to our team today to discuss our streetlight inventory services.

There Are Over 50 Million Streetlights in the U.S.

Streetlights play a crucial role in keeping our communities safe. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 45 to 55 million streetlights.

By illuminating streets and sidewalks, visibility is increased for pedestrians and motorists, reducing accidents and improving personal safety. Lighting at road crossings and near public buildings can also deter vandalism and enhance security.

Streetlights are a vital part of our infrastructure. Thus, we must continue to invest in their maintenance to ensure the safety and appeal of our communities.

More Cities Are Taking Ownership of Streetlights from Utility Companies

The ownership of streetlights in the United States is undergoing a transformation. Until now, around 60% of streetlights were owned by electrical utilities, with 40% owned by municipalities. But this balance is shifting as more and more cities take ownership of their streetlights from utility companies. There is an estimated $8 billion set to be spent on streetlight upgrades by 2030, according to a recent market report.

This makes electric utility system audits such as streetlight inventories a critical move for city planning teams. They require the most up-to-date information on each and every streetlight in order to plan effectively. Streetlights continue to be an important part of urban infrastructure as their ownership continues to evolve in the coming years.

Operational Streetlights Can Impact Crime Reduction

The results of a benchmark study conducted in New York City in 2016 showed that index crimes were reduced by 36% outdoors at night after new streetlights were installed in an area. This means that serious felonies, such as murder, robbery, and aggravated assault, decreased significantly.

What’s more, the reduction also accounted for spillover, when crime spills into surrounding, less-lit areas. Researchers even estimate that the real figure without spillover could be as high as a 60% reduction.

Bright Streetlights Make People Feel Safer When Walking at Night

The illumination from streetlights has a significant impact on how people feel about their surroundings. Good lighting at night can instill a sense of safety and security, which encourages people to spend more time out and about. It can even attract more businesses to the area.

This increase in foot traffic not only strengthens the community’s social bond but also boosts personal physical and mental well-being. Moreover, a well-lit neighborhood instills a sense of pride in its residents as it creates a pleasant and welcoming aesthetic. Consequently, they become more personally invested in maintaining their community’s appearance.

With an updated streetlight inventory, city planners can ensure that all areas are appropriately lit, optimizing the safety and livability of their neighborhoods.

Detailed Streetlight Inventory for Electric Utility System Audits

TechServ understands the importance of accurate streetlight maps and inventories. That’s why we offer a wide range of electric utility system audit services to help make it happen. We provide field inspections, data collection, and inventory integration. This information helps you ensure that all your streetlights are accounted for and working properly.

We can customize data collection to fit your current database, providing you with a precise inventory that can improve maintenance and replacement schedules. Contact us today to see how we can help streamline your streetlight maintenance program and help you keep your infrastructure efficient and reliable.

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