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Electric Utility Permit Applications & Requests

documentationPole owners have just 45 days to grant or deny access to proposed attachments, and those timelines may well get shorter. Keeping up on permit applications for utility pole attachments can be a huge drain on resources for many electric utility companies. With our joint-use administration services, we can help manage permits on your behalf to simplify and streamline the process.

We offer turnkey services for attachment permit application management. Our experts can review and manage permit applications to meet necessary FCC deadlines for approval or denial. We offer cost-effective and efficient services to help ensure timely permit decisions.

When a permit application comes in from a potential attachment company, we review the application for completeness and to ensure the proposed attachment meets your electric distribution company’s requirements. We also complete necessary field surveys to determine whether the proposed attachment would be safe and compliant with applicable codes to avoid safety hazards, violation fines, and overloading issues.

We have the resources to handle all your attachment permit management needs, no matter the volume of requests coming in. We help provide organization and guidance for attachment permitting practices.

In addition to joint use permit administration, our team also provides sophisticated auditing services to help ensure precise data. We can review and audit attachment records as well as conduct field audits for poles to verify databases for safety, compliance, and billing accuracy.

We are proud to offer comprehensive services for electric utility companies, including turnkey joint-use administration and permit management solutions. Reach out now to learn more about our custom permit administration services and how we can help you better manage attachment requests.

Pre- & Post-Construction Inspections

Of course, no permitting process can be completed without field service. That’s why we also offer all-inclusive fieldwork to ensure permit responses fit regulations and your requirements. For each permit received, it’s necessary to survey the pole to ensure the proposed attachment would meet safety and regulatory requirements. Our experts offer rapid mobilization to conduct these necessary surveys to help meet permit response deadlines efficiently and effectively.

We provide a wide range of pre-and post-construction inspections for pole attachments, such as:

  • Pole inspections
  • Loading analysis
  • Attachment clearance audits

In addition, we also offer post-construction inspections to ensure attachments meet code and organizational requirements. Our post-construction surveys help determine whether the attachment meets quality standards, specifications, location requirements, safety standards, and more to help reduce cost and liability for pole owners.

Get the all-inclusive help you need for joint-use permits. Contact our team today to discuss our custom joint-use administration services.

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