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Pole License Agreement

Negotiating Pole License Agreements

auditLease agreements for pole attachments are essential for maintaining cost-efficiency for pole owners. The burdens of ownership for Joint Use Poles can be massive without having standards in place for pole attachment rent, design and construction standards, and more. We can represent you to help negotiate on your electric distribution company’s behalf for pole license agreements. Our experienced personnel offer expertise for designing pole lease terms that help benefit both owners and attachers.

FCC regulations do enact some stipulations on Joint Use Pole agreements. However, pole owners and attachers are free to negotiate their terms to create a custom deal that is acceptable to both parties. TechServ can help with these negotiations on your behalf to help protect your interests. By following all applicable rules and regulations, the TechServ team can create an agreement that helps protect you from extra costs associated with pole attachments.

In addition to negotiating rental rates for pole attachments, it’s also important to consider other issues, such as design and construction standards. Poorly designed or installed attachments can have devastating effects and create liabilities for pole owners. For instance, they can pose safety hazards for line workers and the public and also violate NESC regulations and other codes. Despite that the attacher’s design or installation can cause such problems, typically owners are responsible for associated liabilities and fines. Therefore, pole owners need to protect themselves with thorough pole lease agreements.

TechServ’s Joint Use Negotiating Team

Our team is here to help with all aspects of Joint Use administration, including communicating with attachers and negotiating lease terms for Joint Use Poles. We offer years of experience in the industry to help ensure quality services for your needs. We can help negotiate agreeable terms for attachments to the utility’s pole system.

If you need help keeping up with Joint Use management and negotiating terms for utility pole attachment, connect with us today to learn how we can help make the process simpler and more convenient.

Long-Term & Hourly Rates for Representation

When you need assistance and representation for pole lease agreements, we offer cost-effective solutions for your organization. TechServ offers competitive and flexible rates are designed to help maximize profitability for your company. Not only do we negotiate to get the best deal for the Joint Use agreement, but we offer hourly and long-term representation rates to fit your needs. Whether you need representation for a handful of tricky Joint Use customers or require ongoing support to help your Joint Use efforts, our services are economical to help provide value.

Our goal at TechServ is to meet and exceed your expectations. We are proud to have a proven track record for reliability, quality, and outstanding service for our customers. We have skilled professionals across the nation ready to serve you quickly and effectively.

Contact us to learn more about how we can negotiate on your organization’s behalf for beneficial pole attachment agreement terms.

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