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RDOF Deployment with TechServTechServ works hard to create and build lasting relationships with telecom providers across the U.S. to provide rural customers fiber to the home (FTTH) and businesses. We have the teams in place and offer solutions that can help extend the network of tomorrow to rural broadband subscribers—wherever they live. To make the most of public funding for rural broadband, it pays to have a trusted partner on your side.

As a global telecom leader, we are ready to deploy expert teams in most states, utilizing our 40 years of proven experience in every facet of planning, deployment, and service. Whether we’re surveying or taking inventory of a specific area or managing or overseeing management teams, you can trust TechServ and its professional services team to anticipate the needs of your RDOF deployment and solve any challenges that arise along the way.

How does RDOF and fiber-optic connectivity work?

Fiber-optic internet is a complex technology that allows the transmission of information in the form of light rather than electricity and is a relatively new technology. Many layers of technology from installation to the technology itself, make up this fiber technology, but two key components are optical fibers and the so-called “last mile” of the fiber-optic network.

Let’s talk about how TechServ can help you design and negotiate with pole owners, a plan that is beneficial to all involved. Our experienced team of engineers and negotiators will be by your side during the entire process. Call today.


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