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Bryan Green

Bryan Green

Manager of Engineering Services

Bryan, a seasoned professional who ventured into the utility industry 16 years ago, unsure if it was the right path for his future. Little did he know that his family history had already paved the way for him in this field, with his father excelling in a career within a large IOU and his grandfather leaving a mark as a master electrician in the US Navy. Destiny led Bryan to embrace this industry wholeheartedly, and he discovered an enduring love for it.

As the years passed, Bryan’s passion for the utility sector only grew stronger, compelling him to continuously challenge himself and expand his expertise. His dedication to personal growth and unwavering support for the electrical distribution engineering world has become his driving force.

Bryan takes immense pride in leading his team, inspiring them to embrace progress and strive for excellence in the ever-evolving utility industry. His enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge serve as a catalyst, encouraging his colleagues to rise to new heights and meet the demands of the industry’s continuous development.

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