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Carrol W. Pilgrim

Transmission & Distribution Specialist

Carrol W. Pilgrim (C.W.) is a Transmission and Distribution Specialist and an integral member of the consulting team for TechServ. C. W. uses his expertise to support operations, maintenance, and construction of electric transmission and distribution systems. His immense management experience provides the knowledge to support organizational development, reviews and mergers, job scope definition, and management line functions and strategy. He supplies safety audits and accident investigations, without prejudice, to identify causes and develop lessons for future accident prevention. Mr. Pilgrim’s project knowledge provides the basis for support in material coordination, project procedures, schedules, resource allocation, and management for construction and operating transmission systems. He is skilled at setting maintenance priorities, criteria, and procedures for transmission, substations, switchyards, and distribution systems. Mr. Pilgrim’s stellar experience in managing the operations, maintenance, and construction work of transmission, and distribution systems enable him to expertly advise TechServ clients.

C. W. holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Tarlton State University.

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