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Nicholas Herbert

Nicholas Hebert

Executive Vice President of Operations

Nicholas Hebert, a driving force as the Executive Vice President of Operations at TechServ, where he expertly steers and supervises the organization’s business operations. Boasting a rich career spanning over 19 years in the electric construction domain, he has occupied several distinguished senior executive roles, including Senior Vice President/General Manager at PLH Group, Senior Vice President at PowerLine Services, and Vice President of Operations at PowerLine Services.

Nicholas Hebert’s standout expertise lies in orchestrating secure and triumphant executions of intricate utility projects within challenging environmental landscapes, employing innovative strategies such as helicopters and amphibious equipment. A trailblazing problem solver with a solution-oriented mindset, he stands as a testament to remarkable accomplishments. His documented prowess in crafting and executing strategic business blueprints to elevate customer relations, drive operational expansion, and enhance profitability speaks volumes.

Educated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Louisiana State University, Mr. Hebert’s journey has embraced diverse responsibilities in the electric utility arena. From adept project management to construction, safety and health, fleet management, and business development, he has consistently excelled.

Leveraging his profound industry insights and honed leadership acumen, Nicholas Hebert assumes a pivotal role in shaping pivotal decisions, conducting risk evaluations, and untangling intricate challenges. This translates into tangible benefits for our utility clients as he propels TechServ forward.

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