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designAccurate fiber capacity planning is critical for fiber installations and updates. The TechServ team offers innovative fiber capacity planning services as part of our telecom design offerings. TechServ’s experienced team employs years of experience in performing both high-level design (HLD) and low-level designs (detailed designs) for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) projects across the country. 

TechServ has performed HLDs and detailed designs in Tier I and Tier II cities across the United States.  In the rural areas, we designed/engineered/project managed the largest FTTH project in the nation using Obama stimulus funds. This project was 2300 miles and was completed ahead of schedule and under budget by TechServ’s construction oversight teams. Additionally, we created and implemented the first Rapid Build Technology for a RUS-funded FTTH in the nation – under budget and ahead of schedule.

Working with TechServ

Our experienced EU construction oversight teams are here to help with large and small-scale projects for the telecom industry. Offering turnkey solutions for telecom design and construction, including make-ready coordination and small cell design, our specialists have the experience for make-ready coordination to simplify the attachment process and assist with engineering small cell nodes for new and existing structures.

Telecommunication Services

construction-oversightTelecom is a rapidly changing industry, with many providers looking to improve operations and reliability for their systems. Whether you’re interested in upgrading current systems or new construction for telecom, our team is here to help. We provide expert oversight services for telecommunications construction projects. We act as your on-site representative to ensure your project goes smoothly and meets your requirements.

We offer specialized oversight solutions for a wide range of telecom construction projects, including:

  • Construction Oversight
  • Telecommunication Audits
  • Pole Permits
  • Field Data Collection
  • GPS Coordination
  • Asset pictures

Our team helps monitor all areas of the construction process. We coordinate with all contractors, communicate with owners directly about milestones and results, ensure crews follow safety standards, and monitor schedules, budgets, and quality to protect your interests. When you choose our team, you get the advantage of technical and field experience. We’re your partner in ensuring smooth construction for your needs.

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