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utility lineTechServ offers end-to-end design and engineering services for electrical distribution and telecom networks and systems. Regardless of your project scope – large or small, our experienced utility design and engineering team is here to help you design systems for efficiency, reliability, and resilience.

Concept to Construction with TechServ

The TechServ team offers expert design and engineering services for electrical distribution systems. Our team can help plan and design overhead and underground projects, including residential underground distribution systems.

EU Distribution Design Services include:

  • Field Data Collection
  • Cost Estimation
  • Detailed Design Packages
  • Field Staking
  • Post-construction inspection/documentation
  • Waterway crossing
  • Railroad crossing
  • Permitting

Distribution Design & Engineering

Electric utility companies are increasingly updating existing systems and constructing new systems to keep up with demand and minimize outages. Our team offers sophisticated distribution design services to help you with service continuity and efficiency.

We offer distribution design services for projects of all types and sizes. Whether you need engineering and design assistance for new customer service, line relocations, distribution upgrades, or development projects, our team is here to help create advanced systems and structures for your needs. Our team designs both overhead and underground systems to suit your needs.

Some services we offer as part of power distribution design include:

  • Field data collection
  • Cost estimation
  • Detailed design packages
  • Field staking
  • Post-construction inspection/documentation

EU Distribution Design for Overhead & Underground

utility-poleDelivering power to your customers means having well-designed distribution systems. We help engineer robust distribution systems for enhanced dependability to help reduce outage instances and outage durations. Our team also utilizes practical design principles to help reduce risks for safety, premature failures, and other potential hazards.

Electrical distribution system upgrades and new construction are large financial commitment. You want to make sure you have a skilled design team on your side to ensure dependable, efficient results. Our team offers comprehensive engineering and design services to help ensure project success. We can help estimate costs, create distribution system designs, and so much more for both underground and overhead installations.

Our highly skilled engineers offer extensive knowledge of local and national requirements, including NESC compliance. We provide designs that meet all safety and quality needs for applicable codes as well as your strict standards.

When you need electric distribution design services, our experts provide on-demand resources for your needs. We offer a large and experienced workforce to help with electric utilities for large and small projects. From planning to design and engineering, we’re here to help your project at every step of the way. We even conduct post-construction inspections and audits to ensure it meets specifications and quality requirements. We offer all the services you need from concept until you bring the systems online to start delivering power to your customers.

For the highest quality distribution system design and engineering services, contact our team today.

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