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System Audits & Inventories

EU System Audits and Inventories

EU system audits are the most powerful tool available to pole owners to guarantee, through an impartial method, the accountability of their 3rd party attachers. Joint Use Audits and Inventories are pass-through investments tailored to deliver two very specific results:

  • Validation of yearly rental billing by providing an accurate count of foreign attachments on your system.

  • Mitigation of risk by providing the exact location of any NESC violations found.

EU system Audits

Our inventory solutions and EU system audits deliver accurate results by

 developing processes to fit each project’s unique needs.

  • The process for the inventory is developed in conjunction with the client’s team to ensure that each step is confirmed and established before it is implemented. This pre-project phase is vital to ensure the accuracy of the data collected, client communications, and integration of the deliverable with the client’s geographical information system (GIS system).
  • The management and engineering resources at TechServ have extensive experience in handling projects spanning multiple geographical areas. At TechServ, we implemented the newest geospatial software to handle the flow of spatial data collected in the field.
  • TechServ has developed its data collection tools and integrates them with the clients pre-existing GIS data. Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) protocols are maintained throughout the entire project cycle.

Conducting the field inventory data collection with the aid custom developed mobile data collection apps.

  • Joint use poles and the contact will be mapped on the client’s GIS system, TechServ will identify the owner and number of foreign attachments. Any other item or asset listed by the client will be recorded and will also be collected through the same application.
  • TechServ will utilize the electronic data submitted by the client to produce individual feeder/area maps to be used both for navigation and data collection/editing.
  • Each TechServ Field Technician is highly skilled and trained with extensive experience in inventorying distribution utility lines.E
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