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Distribution System Audit

Distribution System Management

auditKeeping your distribution system in great condition means knowing the number and condition of assets. To help you keep your power distribution services online and efficient, we offer sophisticated audits, inspections, and inventories for your system. Our team at TechServ is here to serve you with some of the most advanced services in the industry.

Our team of skilled and qualified field technicians performs onsite evaluations and audits of your existing distribution system, including overhead and underground systems. We can help with post-construction inspections for quality assurance and control and to ensure projects are completed to spec. We also offer regular system audits to assist with optimizing operations, maintenance schedules, and more.

Our Audits for Power Distribution Services include:

  • Inventory of hardware/equipment
  • Asset GPS coordinates with sub-meter accuracy
  • Pole inventory
  • Pole ownership identification
  • Record and install pole numbers
  • Meter recording
  • Recording meter numbers
  • Damage and equipment condition reporting
  • NESC compliance inspections

We have the knowledge and experience to complete custom audits for power distribution services for projects large and small. Our specialists have worked on projects ranging in size from 50,000 poles to over 264,000 poles. We have a large workforce ready for quick mobilization when you need distribution system audits and inventories.

Audits from our team can help verify and update your GIS data, identify asset damage and wear and tear, and also discover data problems in current databases. Our technicians can even help you strategize to maximize reliability and efficiency.

Contact us today for a distribution system audit and gain the advantage of quality audit and inspection services at competitive prices.

Onsite Evaluation Integration with Current Systems

Having accurate, up-to-date data for inventories and system conditions is vital for ensuring compliance, cost-effective maintenance, and service reliability. We pride ourselves on offering custom data collection and documentation solutions tailored to your needs. Our team can help create specialized data collection, reporting, and more for simple, easy integration with your current databases and GIS systems.

We utilize tried and true data collection and verification methods so you can rest assured of data accuracy. We also work with you to ensure project deliverables can be fully integrated with your current systems and processes. From data collection to data processing, and report generation, our goal is to provide you with streamlined, accessible data for your needs.

We are dedicated to creating solutions that meet and exceed your requirements and expectations. Our experts get to know your distribution system audit goals to ensure reports and data provide the information you need for successful operations. We have helped countless electric distribution organizations optimize operations since 1992 with our practical and innovative services for everything from distribution system inventories to oversight for electric utility construction.

Get in touch today to learn more about how we can add value with our fully-integrative solutions.

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