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Street Light Identification & Inventory

Locating Street Lights for Inventory


Do you know where every street light your service is? Do you know their condition? Street light audits and inventories help keep your database up-to-date for simplified billing, maintenance, repair, and upgrades. Our seasoned crew offers all-inclusive street light inventory services for projects large and small.

TechServ offers field inspections, data collection, and inventory integration with your current databases and GIS systems for efficient, accurate street light maps and inventories. Having a precise inventory can assist with work requests for outages and damages, improve maintenance and replacement schedules, and even help ensure accurate billing for street light owners.

Our experienced team offers inventory services completely tailored to your needs. We can customize data collection to fit your current database for easy integration. Some data you might require for your street light inventory includes:

Street Light Patrol

TechServ can provide ongoing, monthly, or yearly streetlight patrols noting the condition of the streetlight, any noticeable damage, and whether the streetlight is operational during the night. In addition to the data collected, a live dashboard linked to the field data collection can be provided to show which lights and their locations have issues.

Street Light Location & Inventory

    • Pole number
    • GPS location
    • Street light type & Condition
    • Light wattage
    • Height
    • Pole type
    • Pictures & Directions of Lights
    • Work Order preparations

We provide custom audit and inventory solutions for the utility industry. We can help identify street lights missing from outdated inventories, create reports for non-functioning fixtures, identify light types, and so much more. Having street light data at your fingertips can help optimize street light operation for your organization.

Contact us now to get started with our advanced and sophisticated street light inventory and audit services.

Storm Assessment of StreetLights

After a storm or natural disaster, we can also help you identify storm damage. Our team offers rapid response after storms to provide you with the support you need to get critical services back online. We can be onsite in a matter of hours and have the resources to provide comprehensive services when you need them. We have a large team of skilled and qualified personnel who are ready at a moment’s notice to help with storm damage assessment and restoration.

  • Create Work Orders
  • GPS Location
  • Location Assessment

Streetlights are an essential safety feature and may be essential for evacuations, rescues, and other emergency activities. In addition, downed streetlight poles can create safety and electrocution hazards for the public, emergency services, and more. Our experts can perform a storm assessment of all your streetlights to assist you with the quick identification of problems after a disaster or severe weather.

Once we’ve identified issues such as outages, poor lighting conditions, and other damage, we can help you create a strategy for quick repairs and restorations. We can also help you implement street light repair plans by providing comprehensive oversight services.

When you need a partner for service continuity and improvement, contact our team at TechServ. We’re leaders in the industry and can provide custom solutions for your needs. Whether you need a full street light audit or need quick assistance after a major weather event, we are here for you.

Contact us now to talk to our experts about our street light audit and storm assessment services.

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