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FOUNDER | Randy Staines

J. R. Staines (Randy) was the founder of TechServ and served as the Chief Executive Officer from the company’s beginning in 1992 until his death in October 2022. Randy’s passion for the utility industry and his vision for TechServ was the driving force behind the longevity and success of TechServ.

During Randy’s tenure, TechServ grew from a single-person consulting business to a service company with more than 600 employees. Mr. Staines assisted clients on topics including training program development, training methods, training technology, remote site training, and the use of virtual training techniques. His experience in labor relations and arbitration for the power generation, power transmission, distribution, and mining industries provided a base of knowledge to support a variety of client needs and requirements.

Mr. Staines operated within the regulated power industry and in cooperation with safety regulatory agencies such as MSHA, OSHA, and state public utility commissions. This experience prepared him to assist clients in compliance and safety programs. His participation on advisory boards of several technical colleges allowed him to provide clients with a broad view of employee knowledge and skill requirements, as well as economically sound training.

TechServ’s employees have been the beneficiary of the opportunities created by Randy’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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