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Strand Mapping

How is Strand Mapping Beneficial?

Strand mapping reports the location of every utility pole in a given area. Given this location inventory and condition report, an operator can either install a cable on overhead wires attached to telephone poles or underground when needed. Strand mapping can provide support for drafting and construction projects involving the addition of new utility poles, including backbone routes and distribution hubs.

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TechServ as an EU Partner

To make the most of public funding for rural broadband, it pays to have a trusted partner on your side. TechServ has worked hard with electric utility industries along with broadband service providers across the U.S. Connecting rural customers with fiber to the home (FTTH) or fixed wireless access, is integral to the growth of society and TechServ offers the solutions and expertise to expand the network of tomorrow to rural broadband subscribers’ homes and businesses.

TechServ can deploy expert resources in every state and to every facet of planning, deployment, and service. Whether we’re auditing and inventorying the area, optimizing construction draft designs, or delegated to construction management and validation oversight, trust the TechServ team to anticipate the needs of your RDOF deployment and offer solutions to issues that arise along the way.

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