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Telecom Attachment – Safety & Construction Audits

Safety & Construction Audits for Telecom Industry


Safety and construction audits are the most powerful tool available to pole owners to guarantee, through an impartial method, the accountability of their 3rd party attachers. Joint Use Audits and Inventories are pass-through investments tailored to deliver two very specific results:

  • Validation of yearly rental billing by providing an accurate count of foreign attachments on your system.
  • Mitigation of risk by providing the exact location of any NESC violations found.

TechServ offers a turnkey solution tailored to deliver accurate results. Our company approaches each audit by developing the processes to fit its unique needs.

Audits & Inventories with TechServ

The process for the inventory is developed in conjunction with the client’s team to ensure that each step is confirmed and established before it is implemented. This pre-project phase is vital to ensure the accuracy of the data collected, client communications, and integration of the deliverable with the client’s geographical information system (GIS system).

The management and engineering resources at TechServ have extensive experience in handling projects spanning multiple geographical areas. At TechServ, we implemented the newest geospatial software to handle the flow of spatial data collected in the field.

Data Collection & Integration

TechServ has developed its data collection tools and integrates them with the clients pre-existing GIS data. Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) protocols are maintained throughout the entire project cycle. The data collected by each technician is synched automatically to feed TechServ’s custom operation dashboard, allowing your management team to follow real-time progress.


Turnkey Solutions for Telecom Attachments & Poles

In addition to post-construction telecom attachment audits, we also offer turnkey solutions for attachments and poles. We offer regular system audit and inspection services from our telecom and electric utility experts.

Regular inspections offer many benefits for your organization. Audits can help identify unauthorized attachments, avoid overloading, review and update attachment records, improve public safety, and avoid fines from the NESC.

Identifying unauthorized attachments is especially important for utility pole owners. Unauthorized pole attachments mean lost potential revenue for your organization. In addition, they can also increase the risk of overloading, safety hazards for workers, and lead to expensive attachment disputes.

Our team is here to conduct extensive audits to help ensure attachment compliance. We offer decades of expertise in the industry and pride ourselves on offering custom solutions tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive services help ensure safety and quality for the T&D industry.

Contact us now to learn more and schedule an attachment audit with our specialists.

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