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What is RDOF?

fast fiber internet brought by RDOF
RDOF brings fast, reliable internet to remote communities across the U.S.

Bridging the digital divide is a critical goal in the United States, particularly for rural counties where broadband lags behind urban areas. The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) can help provide faster, better internet access in underserved communities.

At TechServ, we actively participate in and advocate for these initiatives. As providers of high-quality consulting and engineering services, we can help. Contact us today to learn how our team can assist you in designing and implementing your fiber upgrade plan. 

What is RDOF?

Since the start of the pandemic, our daily lives have become more digital, speeding up the shift to remote work, telehealth services, online education, and virtual social interactions. In this new reality, fast internet is not just convenient; it’s essential for full participation in society.

The RDOF is a federal initiative aimed at providing financial resources for the expansion and enhancement of broadband networks in rural America, with the intent of investing $20.4 billion over a span of ten years. Its purpose is to ensure that rural communities are not left behind by bringing high-speed gigabit broadband networks in rural areas that currently lack access to such services.

Benefits of Improved Internet in Rural Counties

For rural areas in the U.S., widespread access to strong broadband is crucial for economic growth, unlocking educational and professional opportunities, and improving overall quality of life.

Economic Growth and Job Creation: Connectivity enables local businesses to expand into new markets, attracts new industries, and provides opportunities for remote work.  These developments can help create jobs, boost the economy, and increase the tax base of rural counties.

Improved Access to Education and Healthcare Services: Reliable internet access makes educational resources more accessible, connecting students and teachers like never before. Telehealth services also expand, bringing expert medical care to rural areas that may be experiencing a shortage of available medical professionals.

The Fiber Deployment Process

Deploying fiber in rural areas is a complex process. It involves addressing challenges related to terrain, distance, and existing infrastructure. Meticulous planning is crucial here.

  1. Assessment: Identify the best routes for laying fiber optic cables, considering factors such as land topography and the availability of existing utility poles or underground conduits. This is also the key time to find and form supportive partnerships with local stakeholders invested in the community’s digital progression.
  2. Planning: Developing a comprehensive approach that accounts for local needs and geographic challenges. In this phase, network providers need to select the most efficient methods of delivering service and strategically place fiber networks. It also involves coordination with local authorities, landowners, and utility companies to secure the necessary permits and right-of-way agreements.
  3. Implementation/Construction: Laying down the physical infrastructure, which includes trenching, pole installations, and fiber optics cabling. One of the highest costs in this whole program is the physical process of laying cable across remote landscapes. The expenses of extending infrastructure into these areas are often elevated due to the necessity of overcoming natural obstacles and the lack of pre-existing suitable facilities for cable installation.
  4. Testing and Activation: Ensuring the network meets performance standards and is ready for subscribers to connect.

Implementing RDOF with Your TechServ Team

At TechServ, our expert teams stand ready to assist with practical, effective solutions that extend the fiber network to rural broadband subscribers. We understand the transformative power of connectivity and support the implementation of RDOF in rural counties across the country. Contact us today to discuss how our team can help put your implementation plan into action.

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