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Rob Johnson

Regional Manager

Rob Johnson is the Region Manager of Engineering Services in the AEP East area and has nearly 39 years of experience in the electrical utility distribution field. He spent the first 34 years working in various roles with AEP Appalachian Power in West Virginia. Those roles included design engineering, project engineering, construction oversight as well as supervisory responsibilities in those areas. He left APCo in October of 2017 to join 5 Star Electric to assist that company and its efforts to restore the power grid in Puerto Rico following the devastation of Hurricane Maria. While in Puerto Rico, he was the Distribution Engineering Manager. Once he returned from Puerto Rico, he was promoted to the position of President of 5 Star Electric LLC, headquartered in Clay, Kentucky. The opportunity to return to WV and work with his former colleagues in AEP APCo was the driving force to join the TechServ family. Engineering, joint use, and storm management are everyday commitments now. The commitment to meet and exceed customer requirements is a constant goal that he strives to always achieve. He believes that all the work in the utility industry will go as successful if you commit to safety first, and quality of work second and with those two keystones, production will follow.

He has an AS degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from WV Institute of Technology.


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